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Levy Virtual School

Welcome to Levy Virtual School!

Through Levy Virtual School, students have access to a variety of fully-accredited, virtual education options guided by highly-qualified, Florida-certified teachers.

We offer both full-time and part-time instruction to meet the diverse need of students in Levy County.
We encourage you to explore the options available and to reach out with any questions or to begin the registration process.
NOTE: For all virtual options, students will need daily access to a computer with high-speed internet and a telephone.

For more information about available options, contact:

David Harvey

School Counselor & Administrative Assistant, Levy Virtual School

Phone: (352) 486-5231 x2060 

Paige Bowers

Teacher, Levy Virtual School

Phone: (352) 486-5231

Debra Brock

Secretary & Testing Assistant

Phone: (352) 486-5231 x2026

Fax: (352) 486-5237

Virtual Options

Full-Time Virtual School Options

Our full-time Levy Virtual School serves elementary, middle and high school students and is open to students in grades K-12. Public, private, charter and home education school students are eligible. Full-time students are required to take six courses, participate in targeted reading and math supplemental instruction and must take all required state and district assessments.

Full-time virtual enrollment is suited for students who:

  • Have demonstrated academic skills in core subjects that are on- or above-grade level
  • Have basic computer literacy skills
  • Are motivated, independent learners that do not have a history of missing or incomplete work

Levy Virtual School Full-Time provides a fully accredited, online, public school education option for students in Levy County. Students attend online/virtual classes from home, August to May, and follow School Board of Levy County calendar.

Requirements from Parent and Student Agreement Form:

  • I understand that I am registering my student in a full-time public school that has specific rules and guidelines, including a mandatory school calendar and requireed assessments.
  • The School District of Levy County's school calendar shall be followed. Schedule changes can only be approved by the principal or designee and will only be considered within the first seven (7) days of activation in courses. Students will be expected to complete each course in the designated time or shall recieve a failing grade for the course and possible referral back to the home-zoned school. Courses started in the fall must be finished in the fall and courses started in the spring must be finished in the spring. There is no option for summer course enrollments.
  • Students must consistently remain on pace with coursework throughout the semester. Pacing is constantly monitored , and students who are not on pace during the first 20% of their coursework may be dropped from the program and referred back to their home-zoned school. Student who fall behind pace may be required to participate in a school conference with their parents.
  • Students who enter a course on any date other than the first day of the semester are committing to working extra hours per day to complete courses by the end of the semester.
  • Academic integrity is essential. Therefore, students should complete their own work and it must be original and be properly cited. Parents and/or tutors may assist students in understanding a concept, but the enrolled student is responsible for resonding without assistance to assignments. assessments or collaborative projects with other students. The use of AI tools without teacher permission is prohibited. Violations of academic integrity may result in being dropped from the program and referred back to the hom-zoned school. Student may also be subject to disciplinary action as outlined the the Levy County School Board Code of Conduct. 
  • Students are required to attend weekly Google Meet virtual sessions with LVS staff. Occasionally, students may be required to attend specialized workshops or tutoring sessions based on academic need. In addition, parents/guardians must meet monthly though through phone, Google Meet or in person to discuss theri student's academic progress. 
  • Students in grades K-5 must complete 45 minutes of i-Ready each week in ELA and 45 minutes of i-Ready each week in math. These activities shall count as 15% of the final course grade for ELA and math. Students in grades 6-12 must complete two assigned lessons per week in both ELA and math in IXL. These assignments must have a grade of 80% or better. These activitites shall count as 15% of the final course grade in ELA and math. Students who are on academic probation or who are working below grade level may be assigned more work in IXL or i-Ready. 
  • Students must attend and complete all required national, state, and district testing on the date(s) scheduled at the designated site. Failure to attend will result in immediate removal from LVS. These tests include, but are not limited to: Florida BEST and FAST tests, any state end-of-course exams (EOCs) associated with courses taken, as well as iReady/IXL snapshots, and Access for ELL 2.0. State and local assessments generally occur during three testing windows - in the early fall, immediately before and after the Christmas holidays, and in May. Writing assessments may occur on a slightly different schedule. Please do not schedule appointments, trips/vacations, or pre-arranged absences during these times. Specific dates and times are subject to change but will be published as soon as they are available so that you may plan accordingly. 
  • I, the parent/guardian, agree that my student will attend all mandatory meeting, activities, and required testing set forth by the school district and Levy Virtual School. I am responsible for transporting my student to and from testing locations, workshops, tutoring help sessions, and supervising them during any school activities. I understand failure to comply with these guidelines may result in automatic administrative withdrawal from LVS.
  • I, the parent/guardian, agree to assist and guide my child with the following: Daily work and pacing, monitoring student's daily coursework, reviewing work that is being submitted by your child for quality
  • All students in grades K-12 must have full-time adult supervision during instrucitonal hours.
  • Students and parents must maintain up-to-date demographic and contact information (phone, address, and email) with the LVS office. Failure to do so may be grounds for dismissal. 

To request a comprehensive academic review and consultation related to potential enrollment for the upcoming academic semester (Fall 2024), click here. For more information about available options, contact:

Full-Time Levy Virtual School will close for fall enrollment on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. Applications for Spring 2024 enrollment will begin to be accepted on Friday, December 1, 2024 and will end on Monday, January 22, 2024

Part-Time (Attends Full-Time At Another School)

Levy Virtual School serves middle and high school students and is open to students in grades 6-12. Public, private, charter and home education school students are eligible to apply.

Florida high school students are required to successfully complete one course online prior to graduation. Senior class students who HAVE NOT completed this requirement should contact their school guidance counselor.

Part-time virtual courses are often used:

  • To complete the required virtual course
  • To take courses not available at a school
  • To take courses that don't fit into your daily school schedule

Click here to enroll in individual courses.